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Carrabasset Freight Shed (O Scale)

PLW is pleased to announce a new structure: Carrabasset Freight Shed.

The unassembled kit is available only in O scale. Retail price is $80. Click on the photo below to order the kit.

Carrabasset Freight Shed in O Scale

1 thought on “Carrabasset Freight Shed (O Scale)

  1. Want to make one of these in HO? Putting in Carrabasset now on my HOn30 railroad. Will use my 50-year old Strong covered depot model for the depot, but need to build the freight house.

    Looks like all I really need are two side, two ends, and the freight doors. Got instructions? Drawings?

    Can send photos of my progress. I’m not just a kit collector! — Bob H.

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