SR&RL Caboose 554 (S scale / On2 or On30)


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Laser cut craftsman kit, available in O scale and S scale, with 8 or 10 windows. We’ve identified at least six variations of the caboose:

  • First F&M version: 10 windows no cupola.

  • Second F&M version: 10 windows with cupola.
  • Third SR&RL version: 8 windows cupola, no ladder, no air.

  • Fourth SR&RL version: 8 windows cupola, ladders, air.
  • The SR&RL lettering changed at least twice.

Quantities are strictly limited. Less trucks and couplers.

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O, S


10, 8

White Metal Option

3D Printed end-beam and railings, no trucks, With cast white metal end-beam, railings, and trucks


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