SP NG 28-Foot Boxcar 131 Short End Door(On3) ONE KIT


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SP NG Boxcar 131 Short End Door

This is a body only kit that can be ordered pre-painted and lettered, as well as choice of road numbers. The kit may also be purchased unpainted and not lettered. Please specify which kit you wish to purchase and road number choices. These kits are the basic post-war 28-foot modernized boxcars and may be modified for all of the variations. Most are four (4) truss rod with standard Westinghouse Air brakes. The kit does NOT include trucks, couplers or detail parts.

Price is $45.00 for one kit. The second, third and fourth kits are $38.00 each. Five kit packs are $190.

THIS ITEM IS ONE KIT. Please see the other product entry for additional kits.



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