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2019 Midwest Show Vendor update!

The Midwest Show is pleased to announce a new vendor for 2019! Jane’s Tools will be attending and bringing a 10′ x 20′ area with a large selection of tools. Click on the link to see what they have to offer!

The Midwest Show welcomes back our faithful vendors for 2019.

CMR Products specializing in decals, N Scale and their newly added products for T-Trak!

Berrett Hill Trains, home of the Touch Toggle product. They also specialize in model railroad electronics. http:/

Crusader Rail Services supplies HO, S, O narrow and standard gauge scale trains and specialty tools to the model railroad craftsman.

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2019 Midwest Show Clinic Schedule

Nick Hovey and Gary Kohler – Tionesta Valley Railway, a fascinating look at one of the largest narrow gauge railroads east of the Mississippi.

Jim Weinschenker will present the Travels & Times of Waynesburg & Washington Coach 6. This passenger car has travelled over 3,400 non-revenue miles since 1892.

Bill Logan will have two presentations on all things OR&W, another of the largest narrow gauge operations east of the mighty Mississippi.

Rick Rowlands will be doing a presentation of their soon to running 2-foot gauge porter locomotive. They will be doing a static test late Saturday for anyone wishing to check that out.

Dennis Vaccaro will be doing a clinic on mini hydro plants.

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Scribed Siding – O, S, HO scale

Scribed siding offered in O, S and HO scale. 1/32″ basswood, scribed siding on 12″ x 12″ sheets.

O scale is 3 inches / S scale is 4.5 inches / HO scale is 6 inches.

This an exclusive product only offered by PLW. No other manufacturer offers 12″ wide siding!

Additional siding products will be announced at a later date.

Click image to order scribed siding.

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SP NG 28-Foot Boxcar (On3)

The SPNG was where all the leftover equipment from the other SP narrow gauge ended up when they closed down. The SP bought most of their equipment from the Carter  Brothers factory in California. The standard boxcar was 28ft long. They were modernized by the SP so they looked somewhat standardized. After WWII they were renumbered and kept in excellent condition by the Bakersfield shops. Some had openings for Perlite loading. During the last two years, several were rebuilt with top hatches. An internal a-frame floor and low-set side hatches for unloading. They were “narrow gauge covered hoppers” for all practical purposes.

Kits do not include trucks, couplers or detail parts. Can be purchased pre-painted/lettered or not painted and lettered. Also have a choice of road numbers.

The first kit is $45. Kits 2, 3 and 4 are $38.00 each. A 5 pack of kits is $190.00. All kits postage paid.