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03/23/20 – Midwest Show POSTPONED – Private Event Will NOT Be Held This Weekend

NO PRIVATE EVENT THIS WEEKEND. The Midwest Show Private Event scheduled for this Friday and Saturday has been postponed. PLEASE do not travel this weekend to the venue as Ohio is now under “shelter in place” status. And be sure to inform your fellow model railroaders that the show will be scheduled for a later date. Check back on this website for additional rescheduling announcements. The PLW crew is asking that you stay safe and stay healthy!

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SP NG 28-Foot Boxcar 131 Short End Door (On3)

The SPNG was where all the leftover equipment from the other SP narrow gauge ended up when they closed down. The SP bought most of their equipment from the Carter  Brothers factory in California. The standard boxcar was 28ft long. They were modernized by the SP so they looked somewhat standardized. After WWII they were renumbered and kept in excellent condition by the Bakersfield shops. Some had openings for Perlite loading. During the last two years, several were rebuilt with top hatches. An internal a-frame floor and low-set side hatches for unloading. They were “narrow gauge covered hoppers” for all practical purposes.

Kits do not include trucks, couplers or detail parts. Can be purchased pre-painted/lettered or not painted and lettered. Also have a choice of road numbers.

The first kit is $45. Kits 2, 3 and 4 are $38.00 each. A 5 pack of kits is $190.00. All kits postage paid.

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Midwest Show Hours and News/Updates

Show times: Thursday setup – any time after 4:00pm. Friday setup – 8:00am to noon. Friday show opens at noon and will go to 7:00pm. Saturday setup – 7am to 8am. Saturday show opens at 8:00am and goes until we are tired!
Mini-Bunch meeting and awards about 3:00pm Saturday afternoon.

Updates: Vendors will use EAST entrance. Room A has its own entrance. The gym does as well. Public will use the WEST entrance. Please do not use the SOUTH entrance as it is an exit only door.

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Midwest Show Vendor/Clinics/Layout List

Vendors-Dealers-Manufacturers: Wiseman Model Services, Mini Highways Scenery, Portland Locomotive Works, Crusader Rail Services, CMR Products, Peterborough Railroad, John Fiala, Russ Haigh, Walt’s Models, Tom Hoermann, Tom Jansen, Chris McChesney, C&D Model Engineering, Al Judy (O Narrow Gauge), Charles Pravlik, Steve Riddlebaugh, Dave Ross, Doug Sandmeyer, Jeff Schumaker, Rocky Mountain Trains, Darryl Sleszynski, Arden Car Works, Waynesburg & Washington Railroad, Friends of the EBT, Corry Rails (Class A Climax), Bill Logan (OR&W), Ted Weise, NMRA Division 1, The On30 Guy (RC), Mohawk Design shirts and apparel, Silver City Models, Dennis Vaccaro, Western Rails Company

Clinics: Matt Woods (Iron and Timber) scenery – hands on clinic at their tables, Randy Allio – Pan pastels at his table, Same Swanson at his table, Rick Rowlands – J&L Porter #58 (2-foot gauge) – room to be determined

Layouts: HAVOC, David Keith Sn2, NMRA Division 1 N-scale, CMR T-Trak, Bill Vollmar On30, Warren Judge Sn2 Elk Creek Lumber, Jeff Paxton 7/8 live steam, Hon30 Great Lakes

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Midwest Show Update

The Midwest Show is quickly approaching – March 27 and March 28. Only 4 weeks until another fabulous two days of narrow gauge railroading!! Vendor tables are going quickly and almost sold out. Please contact Gary Kohler this week if you need vendor tables and/or to register for the event.

** Coming back this year is Wiseman Model Services. They did mention the release of several new products and other goodies.
** Narrow gauge historical, preservation groups: Corry Rails – bringing back the only surviving class A Climax, The Waynesburg & Washington Railroad (locomotive & coach restoration), Friends of the East Broad Top with up-to-date info on the EBT purchase and the Youngstown Steel Heritage group with their 2-foot gauge Porter #58.

** Also attending is the Executive Director of the Narrow Gauge Preservation Foundation and the President of the NMRA.

** There will be several new layouts this year plus a great line up of clinics, as well as vendors, manufacturers, model contest and displays.

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*** Midwest Show Venue Change ***

Due to unforeseen circumstance, the Midwest Show will be held at a different venue this year. The new venue will be the Greenford Space Center located at 7600 W. South Range Rd, Canfield, OH 44460.

Set up can begin anytime Thursday afternoon. Set up will continue Friday morning 8am to noon.

The show will open to the public Friday at noon and run until 7pm. Saturday hours will be 8am to 2pm.

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PLW Scenery announces Deciduous Trees

February 17 – PLW Scenery has announced adding Deciduous Trees to the scenery product line.

The trees will be available in different sizes: 2″-3″ / 4″-5″ / and greater than 5″. The flocking is ground foam custom manufactured and tinted by PLW. The tree armatures are straightened, trunks colored for realism and then treated for longevity (no more brittle trees on the layout!). The first color offering is for five green spring/summer shades. Fall yellows/reds/oranges will be offered soon.

Detailed information for ordering will be available this week. Contact PLW for more information at this time.

Deciduous Trees offered in five shades of green.
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O Scale SR&RL Dallas Station

PLW is pleased to announce the O Scale SR&RL Dallas Station.

Shown in the photos are the PLW structure, the new PLW custom made ground foam as well as the PLW custom made pine trees and deciduous trees. The ties are custom made, too.

Contact PLW for information on any of our products!

O scale SR&RL Dallas station, custom made ground foam and trees.
O scale SR&RL Dallas station, custom made ground foam and trees.