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SR&RL Logging Presentation/Zoom Meeting

Learn about logging, lumbering, sawmills and related industries in Franklin County, Maine. Includes a rich history of logging with the SR&RL. The Zoom meeting will be held Thursday, March 11, starting with two-foot conversation at 7pm and the logging presentation starting at 7:30pm.

You will be able to download the PowerPoint presentation as well as attend a virtual Zoom meeting hosted by Gary Kohler. Click on the image to purchase the presentation and virtual Zoom meeting.

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New Passenger Cars!

PLW is pleased to announce the following passenger car kits. All kits are O-scale. S-scale coming soon.

  • B&SR RPO/Baggage 10/31
  • F&M 1/SR&RL combine 11 (early version)
  • W&Q 3 / WW&F Coach 2 or 3 / B&SR Coach 18

Click on any image to go to the ordering page.

Bridgton & Saco River RPO/Baggage 10/31
Franklin & Megantic Combine 1
SR&RL Combine 11 (early version)
Wiscasset & Quebec Coach 3
Bridgton & Harrison coach 18

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SR&RL Freight Car Online Clinic – January 14 – 7:30 pm

Gary Kohler will be hosting an online clinic for those who have purchased the SR&RL Freight Car presentation. Get the inside scoop on the vast array of SR&RL freight cars – rebuilds, oddities, and other little know freight car facts. Didn’t get the presentation yet? Click on the photo to get yours today!! Stay tuned for additional clinic details.

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B&SR RPO/Baggage #10/#31 O-Scale Build

The PLW shop crew has been working on the Laconia Bridgton & Saco River RPO/Baggage #10/#31 pilot model. The body is done and now moving to the underframe details, platforms and lastly, the roof. Stay tuned for when the kit will be offered for sale on the website.

As a side note: Click on the black & white photo at the bottom to order the latest Bridgton & Saco River presentation and get ALL passenger car photos to assist with your modeling efforts!

O-Scale model
O-Scale model
O-Scale model – Notice the window bars.
O-Scale model
B&SR RPO #10/#31 shown out of service at Bridgton.

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SR&RL Freight Car PowerPoint Presentation

The presentation is currently 221 pages of detailed information, photographs, drawings, ICC reports, roadway completion reports and roster information (SR&RL). The presentation is to provide a compete as possible look at all the SR&RL freight equipment while highlighting the variations, oddities and anomalies. Also included is 1920s documentation and images on the railroad’s building of new 29′ 6″ rack and showing as many of the rack car variations as possible.

This is a digital product download. No media is available. Click on the image to order.

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Bridgton & Saco River Presentation – UPDATE

The Bridgton & Saco River Presentation is currently offering over 712 images! New photos and map details have been included in the current version, as well as revised railcar information. As noted previously, the presentation is a “living document” and will be updated with new information as it becomes available. Compare this to purchasing a book with 712 images for $25 AND get future updates.

Click on the image to order your presentation today!
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Bridgton & Saco River Presentation Review

I purchased it last week and it is an astounding collection of images, with hundreds of photos covering every aspect of the railroad. I was particularly impressed with the first section covering the right of way.  The photos are organized in geographic order from Bridgton Junction to Harrison, and there are something like 70 photos covering just the junction area alone, including several showing the section of dual-gauge track in front of the coal shed.  Tons of equipment photos too, plus photos of the SOCONY facilities, rosters, timetables, etc. If I’m not mistaken many of the photos have not been published previously and/or have not been identified geographically.  Well worth the price IMO.

-John R.

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Bridgton & Saco River Railroad – A Presentation

This is a PowerPoint download only – no physical book offered at this time.

Currently there are 660 images, maps, ICC reports, plans and other related documents to help the modeler / historian better understand the railroad. The presentation focuses on the right-of-way and equipment. Loaded with new photos that will hopefully provide you with a fresh look at this often overlooked 2-foot railroad.

Click on the photograph to order the presentation.