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PLW Scenery announces Deciduous Trees

February 17 – PLW Scenery has announced adding Deciduous Trees to the scenery product line.

The trees will be available in different sizes: 2″-3″ / 4″-5″ / and greater than 5″. The flocking is ground foam custom manufactured and tinted by PLW. The tree armatures are straightened, trunks colored for realism and then treated for longevity (no more brittle trees on the layout!). The first color offering is for five green spring/summer shades. Fall yellows/reds/oranges will be offered soon.

Detailed information for ordering will be available this week. Contact PLW for more information at this time.

Deciduous Trees offered in five shades of green.
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O Scale SR&RL Dallas Station

PLW is pleased to announce the O Scale SR&RL Dallas Station.

Shown in the photos are the PLW structure, the new PLW custom made ground foam as well as the PLW custom made pine trees and deciduous trees. The ties are custom made, too.

Contact PLW for information on any of our products!

O scale SR&RL Dallas station, custom made ground foam and trees.
O scale SR&RL Dallas station, custom made ground foam and trees.
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PLW Introduces Scenery Ground Foam!

PLW is proud to announce the addition of “boutique” scenery ground foam to the product line. Our ground foam is geared toward the discriminating modeler who is interested in an accurate color palette especially for the New England fall season. However, our products can be used for any region of the country.

Ground foam will be available in fine and medium, and coarse will be available by request. Pricing and package sizing will be announced shortly. Click on the fall scene below to view the initial offerings!

Additional colors and custom made trees will be coming soon!

Need more information? Contact PLW to discuss your scenery needs!

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2020 Midwest Show Update – 01/19/2020

The 2020 Midwest Show is fast approaching. Please take a moment to register today, especially if you are a vendor needing additional tables. The online registration is available for both attendees and vendors, and the paper form is available to print and mail with payment should you choose that registration method.

As a reminder, the facility is not available for Thursday night set up. That said, vendor set up will be Friday, March 27, starting at 7 am and continuing until noon.

Any attendee or vendor that is arriving Thursday evening is welcomed to visit PLW Headquarters at 7600 West South Range Road, Canfield, Ohio. The shop will be open and shop layout available for operation! Also, we will be visiting a local eatery for dinner and conversation later that evening.