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Midwest Narrow Gauge Meet Clinic Schedule

Here’s the latest Midwest Narrow Gauge Show Clinic Schedule (additional clinics in the works)

Friday Clinic Schedule

  • 10:00AM – Geren Mortensen and Kevin Hunter – Modern Model Railroad Electronics
    Demos all day Friday and Saturday at their booth. RC and electronics.
  • 11:00AM –  Alan Carrol – The Sultan of Slash and Bash
    The Prince of Plastic will be doing demos at his table all day Friday and Saturday.
  • 1:30PM – Steve Szapytowski – Turnout Magic  1
    This clinic describes the combination of Berrett Hill’s Touch Toggle turnout controls with Cobalt IP Digital point motors.  This was a “first in the world” project that ultimately allowed Touch Toggle’s built in directional indicators to work with a point motor driven both by DCC remote throttle and toggle switches placed on a control panel.  The presentation describes the journey from initial concepts, garnering working knowledge of all the devices involved, to a working prototype.  The result of the project was a new Berrett Hill product called the Universal Translator.  Steve will also describe the use of Touch Toggles with other types of switch machines and the creation of touch screen style control panels.
  • 2:30PM – Matt Woods – Modeling Winter Scenery

Saturday Clinic Schedule

  • 10:00AM – Lee Rainey – LCL Handling on the East Broad Top
    Lee profiles inbound freight and resulting operations on the EBT. This clinic is chock full of ideas for layout operators.
  • 11:00AM – Jeff Schumaker – The Kennebec Central Railroad: A History of the railroad, it’s equipment and relationship to the National Home at Togus.
  • 12:30AM – Steve Szapytowski – Turnout Magic 2
    Here, the adventure begun in version 1.0 of Turnout Magic continues to its logical conclusion.  This clinic follows the process of integrating the new Berrett Hill Universal Translators into Steve’s layout.  Eventually, this was not just for the Cobalt IP Digital point motors on the new part of his layout; it included the Switchmaster stall motor switch machines on the original half of the layout.  The process was not as straight forward as originally envisioned, but now all his turnouts may be operated by DCC remote throttle and touch toggles that display the closed/thrown information on the his control panels.  Steve also describes making his stunning new touch screen control surfaces.
  • 1:30AM – Sam Swanson – Modeling Maine Seacost Structures
    Modeling stout, utilitarian, and distinctive structures from Maine prototypes using practical, available, and inexpensive materials and paint is the focus of this clinic.  Techniques for assembling, painting, and weathering structures and their supporting details will be covered using examples from the Windes Inlet module, which is part of the Great Lakes HOn30 Modular Group.  Planning steps, including adapting prototype photos to drawings and building cardboard mockups, along with installing completed models into coastal scenery, will also be presented.
  • 2:30 NMRA MCR Division 1 Business Meeting
  • 3:30 Mini Bunch Business Meeting

Visit the Midwest Narrow Gauge Show page for more information.

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Caboose #554 Available for Pre-order! $10 Off for Limited Time!

Our newest kit is caboose #554, available in both O scale and S scale. The kit is available for pre-order, and we’re offering $10 off until February 11, 2017. Quantities will be limited, so reserve yours now.


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#502 Flangers Shipping Now

We finally received the new castings for flanger 502 and the last few kits will be shipped out ASAP. Thank you for your patience.
That means that, despite what the shopping cart may tell you, the #502 flangers are gone – however, we are taking reservations for flanger #501.
#501 flangers will be offered in several variations:
  • Sandy River with arched lettering – this will only be offered as prepainted / lettered.
  • Early SR&RL – late teens early 1920s.
If you are interested in these please contact us for details.
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HO Scale Sail Maker’s Loft Now Available

Our HO scale Sail Maker’s Loft kit is now available in the PLW Shop for $75.00 (plus shipping and handling). Production will be limited to 10 kits. The kit will feature some cool stuff – like solid cherry decking and supports – all custom milled here in PLW’s shops.

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SR&RL #502 Flanger Sneak Peek!

For those who have ordered or reserved one of the SR&RL #502 Flanger kits, we’ve released a 3D model image of the finished kit. We thought you’d enjoy seeing it!


More information about the kit can be found in the shop.

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SR&RL Flanger 501 Ordering Now Available

We’re now ready to start accepting orders for the SR&RL Flanger #501 in O-scale and S-scale. The models are offered as pre-painted and weathered kits. The O-scale model features operable windows! This will be a very limited run kit, so order soon! Visit the shop for details.

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Now Available: SR&RL Flanger #502. #501 Coming Soon.

We’re pleased to announce the availability of our latest kit, Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes flanger #502. The kit is available through the online shop in Sn2, On2, and On30. Kits come less wheelsets and couplers. Order soon, as quantities are very limited.

Coming soon will be SR&RL’s flanger #501.srrl501

Both kits are sure to sell out fast.

Don’t forget, too, that we still have SR&RL passenger car decals available in gold!

Visit the Portland Locomotive Works Store to order.

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2017 Midwest Narrow Gauge Show

_dsf1462The Midwest Narrow Gauge show has combined forces with the Mini Bunch and NMRA MCR Division 1 to bring you the largest scale train event in the tri State area!

Back once again is our model contest – we will be award CASH prizes for top vote-getters in the
model contest. All scales, gauges welcome.

Registration is now open. Visit the Portland Locomotive Works Store to register online.